Johannes Cullberg
Founder & CEO

Johannes Cullberg is an entrepreneur with strong drive and a passion for health-related business.  Among other initiatives, he founded the company Proactive Health, now leading the development of health economics and digital health in Sweden. More recently, he founded Paradiset, the first of a new grocery chain in Sweden dedicated to a full assortment of natural, organic and locally sourced products. 

Earlier in his career, Cullberg was the youngest CEO of a Swedish listed company (Feelgood) which he led in a turn-around from massive losses to the best annual result ever in the company’s history.  He also has a solid background in retail from several years with the German-based company LIDL where he served as Purchasing Director in the establishment of LIDL’s Norwegian market.

Cullberg is determined to improve health among the population in Sweden, as well as abroad. In 2012, he was nominated to ”Social Capitalist of the Year” by Veckans Affärer (a weekly Swedish business magazine).