Petra Wadström
Founder & CEO

Petra Wadström is the inventor of Solvatten, a technology that treats and heats water with the use of solar energy.

Safe drinking water is a basic need, yet so many live without it. Today Solvatten is used in over 20 countries reaching 40 000 families. Each project is developed with a holistic approach since Solvatten means more than safe drinking water, it means time, dignity, freedom and it really changes lives.

Wadström, and the organization have been honored with many prestigious awards and recognitions, including “The SACC New York – Deloitte Green Award” in 2011, presented by H.R.H. Prince Daniel of Sweden, for its groundbreaking work in the field of water purification technology. In 2013, President Obama visited the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm to see the latest developments in energy solutions and innovations and Wadström was given the opportunity to present the device and explain how it is used around the world to improve health, empower women and lower CO2 emissions.