Since its inception seven years ago, the Chamber’s annual Green Summit has become one of its most popular events, bringing together companies at the forefront of sustainable technology, academics at the center of groundbreaking research, activists at the heart of our communities, and leading investors, all of whom are interested in fostering a conversation about some of the most critical issues facing the global community—how to maintain a healthy and sustainable planet.

The theme of the first Green Summit in 2008 was “Going Green.” That was followed in 2009 by “H209”, focusing on water, and in 2010 by “The Global Grid”, focusing on energy. Five years ago, the Summit began to focus more on food production and consumption with its first “From Farm to Fork” initiative, which looked at the entire chain, from growing crops to managing waste. Since then, topics such as "Feeding the City", "The Future of the Food Industry", and "The Urbanization Challenge" have been discussed. Last year's theme “Water - Money Down the Drain or Revenue Stream of the Future” targeted the earth's most precious asset, water. This year’s Green Summit will focus on "The Future of Food - Exploring the Secret of the Three-Course Pill" to better understand how we will eat sustainably in the future. 

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