We are delighted to welcome Norrbotten, Sweden as
2015 Region in Focus.


Norrbotten is the biggest and northernmost county in Sweden and a part of the Artic area. Join us to explore this unique region at lunch seminars on November 11th and 13th. To register, click here

The county is Sweden’s largest by area and represents about a quarter of Sweden’s total land area. A quarter of a million people, 2.6 per cent of Sweden’s population, live here in 14 municipalities. Most of them, about 170,000, live in the coastal area within a few dozen kilometers of Luleå, the county town.

Norrbotten is a county of contrasts between winter dark and midnight sun, alpine areas and archipelago, sparseness and city life, and a diversity of cultures. The national minority languages Finnish, Meänkieli and Sámi are spoken here. The Sámi parliament has its seat in Kiruna. Norrbotten has the highest mountain in Sweden, Kebnekaise at 2,107 m, and Sweden’s deepest lake, Hornavan, 232 m deep.

Did you know that

§  Norrbotten County has the highest productivity reckoned as gross regional product per employee after Stockholm County?

§  Norrbotten is one of the strongest growth areas in Sweden and Europe as regards the visitor industry?

§  Norrbotten is Sweden’s prime investment county? In the period 2011-2013, industry invested almost 6 times more per inhabitant in the county compared to Sweden as a whole.

§  Mining operations in Kiruna and Malmberget mean that large sections of those communities have to be relocated?

§  90 per cent of Europe’s iron ore is extracted in the county?