Region in Focus:

Gothenburg & West Sweden


Gothenburg is encircled by rocky shoreline, deep forests, tranquil lakes and the surging sea to the west. No other Swedish city gives such easy access to nature. Right on the doorstep is wide open spaces and magical islands. Gothenburg is an open and accessible city. It offers almost everything you would expect of a cosmopolitan city – within walking distance. Gothenburg is the city of knowledge, research and Industry. The city hosts two large Universities’.  And is the proud home of prestigious companies such as Volvo, SKF and AstraZeneca.

It's no exaggeration to say that West Sweden has something for every sense and every taste. From the vibrant city of Gothenburg you can quickly escape to the plains of Västergötland, packed with history and tradition, continue to Bohuslän's windblown fishing villages and granite coastline, before heading inland to Dalsland - the wilderness region closest to central Europe