Anthony C. Ostrowski
Chief Scientific Officer
Sino Agro Foods Inc. 


Dr. Ostrowski is Chief Scientific Officer with Sino Agro Foods Inc. (SIAF), a U.S. incorporated protein food company with operations in the Peoples Republic of China (PRC). He is in charge of Research & Development and Sustainability Certification for the company’s Aquaculture Division, which is currently building the world’s largest, indoor recirculating aquaculture farm.

Dr. Ostrowski has 30 year’s research and executive management experience in the aquaculture industry. He was lead scientist on numerous multi-million-dollar research grants in the US, the director and executive committee chair of a multi-state, multi-institutional shrimp research consortium, and president and CEO of the internationally recognized aquaculture research and development organization, Oceanic Institute, in Hawaii. He began working in China in 2013 as General Manager and CEO of a Chinese subsidiary in Yangjiang, PRC, focused on selective breeding of marine shrimp.

Dr. Ostrowski has over 100 publications and presentations in all aspects of marine fish and shrimp aquaculture.  He served on several boards and technical committees within the aquaculture community providing both scientific and strategic direction that helped establish domestic and international standards for the field. He is passionate about the sustainable development of aquaculture to supply the protein needs of a growing world population.

Dr. Ostrowski obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University in Biology, and Masters and Ph.D. from Michigan State University with an emphasis in aquaculture nutrition. His home is on Oahu, Hawaii, and is currently stationed with SIAF in Zhongshan, PRC.